Please find below frequently asked questions – please get in touch through our support form if you don’t find the answer!

Which EFIS systems do you interface to

We currently interface using the RS232 serial data to:

Please get in touch if your system is not listed!

Is the system suitable for certificated aircraft?

The AH50xSD family instruments are designed and tested for experimental and light sport aircraft applications.  We are working with customers to get the system installed in certified aircraft.  Please get in touch if you would like to support our application.

What custom configuration is possible for the AH500SD and AH502SD?

Each legend and voice alert is driven by logic in a configuration file.  Inputs are taken from serial data interfaces with common EFIS and engine monitoring equipment as well as directly connected analogue and digital inputs and ‘mapped’ through programmable logic to legends and voice alerts.

Both basic input to caption mapping, and more sophisticated alerting using combinations of inputs is possible.

Please see the AH50xSD Manual in support/documents for examples.

I already have an EFIS and Engine Monitoring System – why do I need a Central Warning system?

Pilots of military and commercial aircraft recognise the benefits of having a custom centralised warning system with integrated master caution.  Alerts are prioritised, clearly presented, consistently annunciated by voice and can be acknowledged to mute.

Alerts are otherwise scattered between EFIS, EMS and other indicator systems, the pilot may mis an alert or not know where to look when an audio alert is generated.

The AH50xSD family of warning systems cleverly allows installers to create a custom system at prices suitable for the general aviation market.  It produces intelligent alerts which combine multiple data and present the alerts in a single centralised and prioritised visual and audio interface.

Sensors do not need to be replicated since the AH500 Central warning systems collect data from existing data sources with serial data connections available to Garmin, Grand Rapids, Electronics International, Dynon (among others) EFIS and engine monitoring systems.

How do I trigger alerts using data from my EFIS or Engine Data System?

The AH500SD and AH502SD connects over RS232 to most EFIS and Engine Monitoring systems including Garmin, Grand Rapids, Dynon and Electronics International.

Through the XML file the data published on these systems busses can be mapped through logic to the voice and visual alerting system.

Please contact us through the support form with information about your requirements and we’ll confirm compatibility.

Can I install it myself?

It is recommended that an avionics installer installs the unit.  We provide information within this website and provide free of charge support to assist in configuration and installation by telephone and email for installers in the USA and Europe.

Who is Aero Safety Systems?

Aero Safety Systems products are developed and manufactured by AeroHydro Consulting Ltd at Daedalus airfield in Hampshire, UK.

We are a team of electronics, embedded-software, mechanical and aerospace engineers with a background in critical applications engineering design. We are all passionate about aircraft, and our team includes pilots with military, test pilot, and general aviation backgrounds.

Aero Safety Systems distributors

We have carefully chosen our dealers to provide a high standard of sales and after-sales support in the USA and Europe.

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