Your co-pilot

Our technology acts as a co-pilot, constantly monitoring the aircraft systems, flight data and aircraft configuration and letting the pilot know of a developing problem in flight, configuration or engine.

We can interface to the existing aircraft systems, sensors and switches to get the data, and combine this using intelligent rules to generate voice and visual alerts.  The systems are easily tailored to the aircraft and avionics fit

The AH500SD and AH502SD systems can currently interface to most Engine and Flight Information Systems including Garmin (including the popular G3X), Dynon Skyview enabled systems, GRT Avionics, MGL Avionics, Electronics International, Vertical Power, and VR Avionics and we regularly develop new interfaces for customers.

Our systems are currently for experimental and light sport aircraft, but we are also developing a certified version.

Aero Safety Systems distributors

We have carefully chosen our dealers to provide a high standard of sales and after-sales support in the USA and Europe.

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